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CV Transformations

Check Out These CV Transformations: Witness the remarkable evolution of ordinary resumes into standout career documents. Explore these CV transformations and see how we elevate our clients' professional profiles to new heights

31 CV.png
3O CV.png


Client's CV; Wasn't very organised, didn;t highlight any skills in relation to work and was quite sloppy and generic. Client had also forgot to add 2 years worth of work experience to their CV.


Now the Client's CV looks much more appealing with a much better format. Also has skills in relation to work experience displayed, as well as a concise profile and education section. Client CV also did not need to be 2 pages. Other changes were also made.

CV 11 Wix.png


Client's CV was very poorly structured and unorganised; CV included a lot of unnecessary information and did not need to be 2 pages, given he only has 2 previous jobs.


Client's new CV is much more concise and actually tailored to their desired job role. Work experience section has been utilised to highlight skills in relation to work experience, as opposed to just listing what their tasks were. Other changes have also been made.

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